Steve-Heap-headshot-1Backyard Stock Photos is the source of unique and vibrant images from Steve Heap.

I have been producing stock photos for the past 8 years, making them available on the main stock agencies, but this site is your opportunity to license the images at full size directly from me.

For a very fast overview of all the images on my site, you can use this link to Google Images and search within those results or simply search directly on my site.

Please note that the images on this site are largely taken with a Canon 5D MkIII and are not sharpened. This gives the designer the choice of the amount of sharpening to add depending on the size and use of the final image.

Please contact me via email to Sales “@” for any questions or suggestions.

Thanks for visiting!

What is the Symzio Network?

Backyard Stock Photos is a member of the Symzio Network. Symzio is not just another stock agency, we are a group of independent photographers, illustrators and artists licensing royalty-free and rights managed images from our own sites and collectively through Symzio – with simple realistic pricing for the images.

Steve is also the author of Getting Started in Stock – a “how-to” eBook to help photographers follow in his footsteps. This book is available on Amazon, Apple, and directly from my stock photo blog.