There are thousands of stock photographers, but only a few have consistently shown that they can produce high quality imagery that fits the needs of graphics professionals. On this page I’ve included a few of my personal favorites and so if you have a need for a specific image, please check them out. You can also search on Symzio – our independent artists agency that offers simple and reasonable pricing!

Symzio Partners

Amazein Design

Amazein Design

Download vector illustrations, vector characters and 3D rendered images for your design projects.
3d Fonts

3d Fonts

3d artist and phototographer with over 10 years of experiency in micro stock. My website is focused on 3d fonts illustrations.

Songquan city stock photography
Songquan Deng gave up a career in Electrical Engineering to become a full time travel photographer with a particular focus on cities around the world. It takes a brave man to give up a steady income for the pleasures and worries of freelance photography but Songquan has a fantastic eye for unusual and striking images of cities that we think we know so well. His site is well structured around the different destinations, covering cities in the US and Canada, Asia and Europe. If you need city imagery, check his site out at Songquan Photography, and via his Symzio Portfolio where his images are also available.



Picture Breeze stock photography
Andre Babiak has created a great stock site with images mainly showing a South Western country lifestyle. But in no way is he restricted to that theme, with a broad range of photographs categorized into people shots, concepts and then places covering landscapes in the South West of the USA and Mexico. Using professional models, he has created a treasure trove of images that are like a Fresh Breeze blowing the dust off stale stock photography concepts. Andre’s work can be found on his own agency, PictureBreeze, and via his portfolio on Symzio.



George Sheldon Photography
George Sheldon has a real focus to his photography – if you need images from the Mid Atlantic region of the USA, then George could already have them in his portfolio. Based in Lancaster Pennsylvania, he produces editorial stock photography around his home state, as well as in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC and New Jersey. His Amish photographs bring that unique culture to life and you will find many more great shots from this interesting area on his stock agency, George Sheldon Photography, and from his portfolio on Symzio.